A general reading offers insight, guidance and future prediction in all major aspects of your life.  For example work, relationships, finances, travel, family and more.  If there happens to be a problem area of your life I address those issues firstly.  Clients are welcome to bring a blank cassette tape to tape the session.  I offer 30 minute or 60 minute sessions but recommend the hourly session.  You are also welcome to book a half general and half mediumship session.  All reading sessions are priced the same.


During these sessions Kate connects with your spirit guides and channels information that offers guidance, insight and inspiration.  Most people have more than one guide who may be with you your whole life or may change throughout the course of your life.  They usually are not family members, however our loved ones do watch over us and often attempt to deliver us messages of love, hope and healing.


During a past life session Kate delivers information on your past life experiences that then gives you insight and clarity into your experiences today.  Kate believes that we connect with positive and negative past life experiences.  When we process this information on a conscience level it allows us to move into a deeper understanding of ourselves.  We can then move past emotional issues that may be causing blocks in our life.